Customer Service Associate Reviews

Q: What is it like working as a Customer Service Associate?

Customer Service Associate in Lincoln:
"Easy commute."
Pros: Easy to get around.
Cons: Low pay doesn't keep pace with cost of living.

Customer Service Associate in Shrewsbury:
Pros: The People.
Cons: Not enough hours, a lot of stress, not enough money.

Customer Service Associate in Philadelphia:
"A futureless part-time."
Pros: Get to know the neighborhood, make new friends, especially from co-workers.
Cons: Too many to list. A dangerous, hazardous work environment. High stress, no LP protection.

Customer Service Associate in Dickson City:
"The Magic Desk."
Pros: Working with the public. Helping to solve problems. The ability to grow with the company.
Cons: Employee moral has declined due to management having to please EVERY customer. Being called names by customers.

Customer Service Associate in Milwaukee:
"I like working the cash register."
Pros: When a customer ask me to help them find something and they comment on how much they really appreciate the help.
Cons: Not getting the respect from some of the customers. Some managers treating me like dirt.

Customer Service Associate in Lake Zurich:
Pros: Like the job, and some people and nice office space.
Cons: Low pay, not enough single people, far from home.

Customer Service Associate in Oxford:
"Fast paced environment."
Pros: Benefits, flexibility.
Cons: Low hours.