Maintenance Technician Reviews

Q: What is it like working as a Maintenance Technician?

Maintenance Technician in Cincinnati:
Pros: Everything is great. I love to work for them.
Cons: Nothing is bad except the on-call phone.

Maintenance Technician in Waco:
"Hard work with a reward."
Pros: I enjoy all aspects of my job however I am seeking more.
Cons: If only parts were in the parts room.

Maintenance Technician in Sunrise:
Ask for more money before you accept position.

Maintenance Technician in Opelika:
"Its total choas no organization and never have supplies."
Pros: The pay.
Cons: Never get hours. No organization management.

Maintenance Technician in Kansas City:
"Old school."
The way I like is what they did back in the day employees were treated like that were liked and wanted and appreciated now days they don't have that.

Maintenance Technician in New Caney:
"I love working on everything and the fact I'm always learnin."
Pros: The pay is pretty good.
Cons: The general managers!

Maintenance Technician in Americus:
Pros: Maintaining storm drains.
Cons: The weather conditions.