Maintenance Technician Reviews

Q: What is it like working as a Maintenance Technician?

Maintenance Technician in Kansas City:
"Maintenance technician and machinist."
Pros: Reverse engineering and making machine parts.
Cons: Tedious preventive maintenance.

Maintenance Technician in Crawfordville:
Pros: Great people to work with.

Maintenance Technician in Manchester:
Pros: Co workers are a great help if an instance arises that is beyond your current understanding. I work by myself and can control the amount of hours I work (flexibility), Christmas Bonuses are awarded based on the amount of time with company (Extremely Generous gesture). Company van that is driven home nightly and directly to job sites... Company vehicle be used out outside of work but very modestly. Company uses tablets to input and get data to make jobs faster. Company Cellphone (must return if you leave company). Stress level is relatively low mostly but depending on the job importance can get extremely stressful at times. I work without supervision and see my bosses every 4 months or so (low stress and micro managing is virtually nonexistent). Training from other coworkers is a blessing and the educational factor is really high.
Cons: Some ideas (excellent and realistic ideas) that are brought up to management for bettering the company are usually shot down immediately or given a pathetic excuse why it wouldn't work, yet the company is looking for ways to fix problems (good ideas are usually wasted). Company doesn't pay coworkers what they are worth. Quality/Good/acceptable pay raises are hard to get if you are a good worker. Communication on what jobs are REALLY like is not properly understood by Admin personnel and they tend to be a little unrealistic with expectations.

Maintenance Technician in Cincinnati:
Pros: Everything is great. I love to work for them.
Cons: Nothing is bad except the on-call phone.

Maintenance Technician in Waco:
"Hard work with a reward."
Pros: I enjoy all aspects of my job however I am seeking more.
Cons: If only parts were in the parts room.

Maintenance Technician in Franklin:
"Not enough money starting out at 15$"
Pros: I got a lot of over time bosses are cool but the guys u work with suck.
Cons: The money isn't there it needs to start out at 18 ph or more do to hot work and high risk of death.

Maintenance Technician in Americus:
Pros: Maintaining storm drains.
Cons: The weather conditions.