Best Community Colleges in North Carolina by Salary Potential

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If you're looking for the best colleges in North Carolina, you should feel confident kniwing the state is home to a robust public school system where students can earn associate degrees to prepare them for a variety of careers. Well-known 2-year schools, such as Davidson County Community College, Wake Technical Community College, and Central Piedmont Community College are included on this list, as well as one four-year college that grants both associate and bachelor's degrees. (This list only includes salary data for alumni who graduated with an associate degree.) In total, North Carolina's community college system has 58 campuses within half an hour of 99 percent of the state's residents, and is nationally recognized for its career-oriented programs. Manufacturing, aerospace and aviation, IT, and agribusiness are some of the top industries in the state.

A healthy percent of Southwestern Community College alumni find their jobs to be highly meaningful, making them the most fulfilled workers in North Carolina.

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