Compference 2018 – Sneak Peek of Sessions

Whether you’re new to the compensation industry, a seasoned executive, or somewhere in between, there are a number of exciting sessions for you at Compference 2018. These sessions are not only informative, but will provide you with actionable advice you can put to work as soon as Compference is over.

Here is just a sample of the sessions you can choose from:

5 Steps To a Smarter Comp Plan

New to the industry? Check out Jesse Haydon’s session, “5 Steps to a Smart Compensation Plan”. You’ll learn the basic steps to develop a compensation plan and walk away with an understanding of how to build a unique strategy and structure that aligns with company philosophy.  

Dominate Data Analytics

More advanced professionals might be interested in “50 Shades Smarter – How to Dominate Data Analytics”.  Rebecca Wood and Collette Simmers will demonstrate how clients have used the analytics tools in Insight Lab and MarketPay to build some insightful, deep visualizations that hit the target and make a difference.

Pay Brand 101

HR executives will want to attend “Your Pay Brand: What It Is, Why It Matters, and How to Manage It”.  Because what you pay, how you pay, and why you pay the way you do can have serious implications for your ability to attract, retain and engage your talent. Lydia Frank will lead this highly relevant session about what “pay brand” means exactly, how you can craft and manage it effectively as well as the best ways to enlist your managers and employees to become advocates of your pay brand.

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