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Payscale MarketPay is the advanced HR platform global comp pros trust for reliable market-data and actionable insights.

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Core features of Payscale MarketPay

Easy compensation

Build and understand pay structure, merit modeling, and regressions


Instant access to a report library to create beautiful, customized workforce analytics

Automated survey

Export directly into publisher templates

Survey match

Discover potential new surveys based on your existing survey library and already benchmarked jobs

Redefining the compensation data experience

Employee Reported data

Accurately price jobs in today’s competitive markets. The transparency of this detailed salary database allows you to better defend your comp decisions.

Compensation Surveys data

Comprising over 1,100 employers and 4,000 jobs, this database delivers all of the benefits of a 100% company-sourced survey without any of the manual processes.

Survey publishers data

Seamlessly access a variety of third-party and traditional surveys from Mercer and other trusted providers through the Insight Lab platform.

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Add-on features to
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Powered by JDXpert, MarketPay Jobs gives its users access to the most robust and configurable job-description management technology available today.

Pay Equity

With MarketPay, you get native integration with Tableau and pre-configured dashboards for pay equity reporting which can be fully customized to account for all the compensable factors that determine pay differences at your organization.

Geo Differentials Engine

This free insights-engine provides a pulse on the market to help companies hire competitively, optimize salary budgets, and adapt quickly to change.

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