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How to use skills to price jobs

As your business grows, so does the need for hiring and retaining talent. With the diverse ways in which we get work done today (remotely, in-person, or a hybrid of the two), and the skills that have become in-demand in recent years—your organization needs near real-time skills and location data to get...

Compensation fundamentals and best practices for the future

How a solid strategy, data, and processes can prepare your organization for the resiliency required to meet today’s top comp challenges.

Payscale Debuts New Payfactors Platform

Payscale launches new Payfactors platform, driving faster access to market data with tools to improve fair pay practices in scalable technology to make compensation accessible to companies of all sizes.

According to CBPR, 2022 Pay Increases Likely Won’t Be Enough to Stem Turnover

Payscale’s annual Compensation Best Practices Report is now available for download and the insights are informative and important, especially given the challenges of the current labor market and the urgency with which organizations are approaching 2022 pay increases.

The great resignation: What’s happening out there?

The great resignation, characterized by prolific job vacancies and increased employee separations, has demonstrated the growing leverage employees have to secure higher wages and better working conditions in a quickly recovering economy. Several sectors have had an enormous appetite for labor coming out of the economic stagnation of 2020, and such a...

Pay increases: Top concern to attract and retain talent

Do you know what your employees really want for the holidays? Pay increases that reflect changes in the job market and economy. As the end of the year approaches, compensation planning for pay increases is always top of mind for employers — but especially this year. Wages are looking to go up in 2022,...

Payscale Peer surpasses 5 million incumbents, and this is just the start

Peer is the industry’s only on-demand, employer reported data network, enabling organizations to access timely HRIS salary data segmented by industry, and delivered as a dynamic, map-based experience in Payfactors.

Payscale’s 2022 Compensation Best Practices Survey is now open for participation

The largest survey dedication to compensation best practices (CBPR) is now open for participation through the end of December. This survey is appropriate for anyone who manages compensation...

How to Pay Remote Workers: Lessons from Our 2020 Remote Work Report

  Looking for Payscale’s 2021 State of Remote Work Report? Get the data and insights now. In the future, more employees will work from home. That was a certainty before 2020, as the data has been trending in the direction of increased remote work opportunities for years. However, following the COVID-19 pandemic,...

New Data Connector Syncs ADP Workforce Now to Insight Lab

We’re excited to let you know that we’ve just released a new data connector that automatically syncs data from ADP Workforce Now into PayScale Insight Lab. This release empowers ADP Workforce Now users to get a consistent view of their workforce in Insight Lab at all times. What’s in it for ADP...

How to Find the Right Competitive Set to Price Your Jobs

We hear some variation of this statement from clients every day: “We want to make sure we’re offering competitive pay in our market.” What does being “competitive” actually mean? Many HR and compensation professionals would say that being competitive means paying, on average, plus or minus 10 percent from the market average...

Practical Guidelines for Pricing Hybrid Jobs

There isn’t a day that goes by in which I am not asked at least once or twice about how to price hybrid jobs. Hybrid jobs are common in the workforce today and they’re often created in high-turnover or downsizing situations. Often, workers will retire and employees who stay end up taking...