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Business abbreviations: The ultimate professional cheat sheet

Discover the most common abbreviations and acronyms used in the workplace. Improve your business lingo with our ultimate cheat sheet!

8 interview invitation email tips and templates to stand out

Learn how to craft standout invitation emails with essential elements and effective techniques, saving time and energy with these eight templates.

Maximizing shareholders’ equity: Definition and calculation

Learn about shareholders' equity and its significance for investors and companies to make valuable and informed investment decisions.

Salary DOE: Meaning, advantages, and tips for HR professionals

Discover the meaning of salary DOE and how it impacts job compensation. Learn how to negotiate salary by leveraging candidates' skills and experience.

What are direct reports? Tips to effectively manage them

Learn how to manage your direct reports effectively with our expert tips and strategies. Boost productivity and create a positive workplace culture.

Europe’s 2023-2024 Salary Budget Data

While it may feel like the last pay increase cycle just wrapped up, the 2023-2024 salary increase budgeting season is upon us.

What is a PEO? Benefits and drawbacks for your business

A PEO provides HR services, such as payroll and benefits, to small and medium-sized businesses. Learn how PEOs can help reduce costs and stay compliant.

Short-term goals for professional success: 9 examples

Short-term goals are achievements you want to attain in the near future. Discover how to set short-term professional goals to build progress and obtain results.

How to record payroll journal entries: Types and examples

A payroll journal entry is an accounting method to control gross wages and compensation expenses. Discover best practices to manage and record your payroll!

HR-Reported Data as Dynamic as the Market: Introducing Peer Trends Report

There’s a lot for HR and compensation teams to consider these days around pay. The economy is changing rapidly and competition for labor is tight.

Reasons for retracting a job offer: How to do it professionally

Employers can retract a job offer until the moment it is accepted by the candidate. Learn tips to professionally and legally rescind employment offers.

The legislative lowdown: August 2023

Pay transparency legislation does not seem to be slowing down as 2023 continues. Below is a round-up of recent legislative updates that took place in August