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What's more fun than having a bunch of salary and career data? Creating infographics about it. From CEOs' hefty paychecks to veterans' best job options, see PayScale's collection of creative and useful infographics.
Does it pay to party? PayScale compares the post-graduate earnings of the most legendary party schools in the US to prim and proper sober schools.
PayScale users dish about their coworkers. Read on to find out who loves their teammates and who wants to call in sick every day, just to avoid their colleagues.
View information from PayScale about quicker promotions, higher pay, greater job availability and more for those who have a PHR or SPHR versus those who do not.
PayScale reveals how workers in cities across the US get to work. Whether you're a daily driver or a simple pedestrian, see how your commute compares.
2013 Compensation Best Practices Report
PayScale surveyed 4,000+ HR and business leaders to learn about the comp trends they've experienced in the previous year, and to see how those trends have informed their plans going forward.
We all know to steer clear of our boss on a bad day. For the employees on this list, those days might be never-ending. Find out which jobs report the worst bosses.
PayScale predicts the winners of six college bowl games based on alumni salaries. Who are you rooting for?
How do your tips impact your waiter’s income? Your barista? Find out how badly service industry workers need your tip.
Will the economy have an impact on holiday gift spending this year? We surveyed our users to find out.
Do happy employees make for stress-free holiday travel? PayScale compares major airlines so that you can fly the friendly skies this year.
What's unique about Romney and Obama supporters? PayScale surveyed them to find out. See our collection of election stats.
Where can you party hard and still find a lucrative job after graduation?
See our list of top 10 majors for high earnings after graduation.
Rolling into work at 10 a.m., texting, and sharing photos of their espresso - the Internet Generation has a work style and attitude unlike any before them. PayScale presents Gen Y at work.
How do the outcome-oriented business stars of tomorrow decide which route to take with their MBA? PayScale compares four common MBA majors.
Men's wages dropped further during the recession compared to women's. PayScale reveals how they are faring post-recession.
PayScale reviewed the impact of PHR and SPHR certifications on HR professionals' careers and salaries. Want to hear some great news?
Which leading company can snag the brightest tech workers with their pay, benefits and work environment?
Can your boss delete your tweet? PayScale asked employers how they respond to employee social media use in the workplace.
Yes, men do earn more than women on average but the reasons why are complicated. See PayScale's review of the gender pay gap.
Want the best return on your college tuition investment? See which schools' alumni enjoy the biggest post-graduation pay-off.
Choose your school wisely or paying for college might not pay off. See our list of worst schools for college tuition ROI.
Earnings for workers in some cities are growing much faster (or slower) than others. Did your hometown make our best and worst list?
If you're waiting for a raise, consider switching to a career field with faster wage growth. See our list of best and worst jobs for pay growth.
Do you feel you deserve a raise? Test your readiness with the PayScale "Should You Ask for a Raise?" flow chart of questions and advice.
We surveyed small, medium and large companies to learn what they had to say about their compensation plans for 2012. Should you expect a raise?
Which jobs are recent
military veterans well-trained
for and likely to find? Technology jobs top the list, according to PayScale.
Teacher pay can vary according to years of experience, subject taught, degree level and more.
Find out what impacts
teacher salaries.
When employees in the fashion industry flock to New York Fashion Week, how does their pay compare? See the salaries on the scene.
Before you head out to the
mall, find out which store's
retail workers are happiest
to serve you.