On Equal Pay Day, April 4th, PayScale hosted a Facebook live stream discussion on the equity challenges facing women in the workforce, including what you can do for yourself, your peers and your organization to effect change.

Don’t Call It A Pay Gap

A PayScale Hosted Event

If you were not able to watch the live event you can view the broadcast archive below or on Facebook.

Moderated by Lydia Frank

(Vice President, PayScale)


Elizabeth Weingarten
(Director of the Gender Parity Initiative at New America)

Peter Hamilton
(CEO of Tune)

Christy Johnson
(Founder/CEO of Artemis Connection)

Women are busy, not bitchy.We’ve got big things in the works for Equal Pay Day. We can’t wait to share our #RestingBizFace with you and talk about all things related to gender pay equity.

How Should I

When you get compensation right, you attract and retain the best talent.

What Am I

What your skills are worth in the job market is constantly changing.