What’s new in MarketPay

Webinar Recording

PayScale Webinar

Join us to learn about recent feature updates and releases in MarketPay!

Hear from Russ Wakelin, Chief Experience Officer, and Chris Highfield, Vice President of Product as they dive into the hottest trends in compensation data today. The market is constantly changing and we want to make sure you have the right data to make informed decisions to drive a successful talent strategy. We then dive into some of the latest enhancements from the MarketPay team. You will see the new functionality and learn how to activate them for your organization today.

A sneak peek at features we’ll demo:

  • Bulk creation of structure models
  • Year over Year Survey Data Analysis
  • Sitewide Aging Methodology


Features discussed in this presentation are live in MarketPay, so you can start using them to impact your compensation goals immediately.