Teddy Bears Need Repairs, and It’s a Real Job to Fix Them

If you always wanted to be a surgeon but didn’t make it into medical school, consider become a teddy-bear repair technician. This wild and wacky job is quite real.

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The Lutz Children’s Museum staged a great event back in 1994. They had their first ever teddy bear clinic, in which patrons could bring their beloved bear-pals and other snugglies in for repairs.

Well-trained teddy-bear technicians were able to fix bears suffering from both chronic and acute conditions. Probably the most common ailment was rips or tears resulting in drastic and unhealthy weight loss. Technicians were on hand to stuff the patients back up to a healthy teddy-bear BMI, then neatly stitch them back up, causing the bears no pain.

Technicians had on hand swatches of furs for patch repairs and brand-new eyes with the guarantee of 20/20 vision for your beary friend.

Teddy bears are big business. Build-a-Bear Workshop in St. Louis has its own teddy-bear technician on staff. Customers at Build-a-Bear design their own custom teddy bears. Being unique, they are also irreplaceable, so the teddy-bear technician is there to make repairs when necessary.

There are also entrepreneurial endeavors, like Margie’s Cuties Doll & Teddy Bear Hospital in Florida. If none of these toy makers are currently hiring, you may consider branching out on your own with needle and thread.

In addition to keen eyesight and attention to detail, teddy-bear technicians must have the best bedside manner. When surgeons operate on people, the patient is unconscious and the family members wait in another room. When teddy-bear technicians operate, often the bear’s closest family member observes the repairs with baited breath. The slightest show of frustration or difficulty on the surgeon’s part will result in tears and loud lamentations.

Teddy-bear technicians help the patient and the family member at the same time.

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