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How to Manage Your Time and Prioritize Your Workload

Are you the kind of person who struggles to get a handle on your to-do list? Are you sometimes scared to even start a list because there are too many things to capture? Whether you’re trying to be more efficient, trying to get more...

PayScale Predicts the 2020 Election Will be Closer Than Polls Indicate

If we learned anything in 2016, it is that the polls don’t always get election results right, especially when it comes to distinguishing between the popular vote and the Electoral College, which is what will actually determine the next President of the Unite

7 Common Remote Work Mistakes, and How to Recover

Looking for research? View PayScale’s Research and Strategy Guide on How to Set Pay for Remote Workers Millions of people around the globe are working from home right now in an effort to limit the spread of the coronavirus. Remote work under these kind

Amazon Is Hiring 100,000 Workers Right Now. Here Are More Companies Hiring During the Coronavirus

The coronavirus is changing work as we know it, sending folks home to work remotely, but also shuttering some businesses deemed “non-essential.” Many even temporarily closed businesses are laying off workers they can no longer afford to pay. If you

How to Work With Anxiety During the Coronavirus Pandemic

Millions of computer-bound professionals have suddenly found themselves working from home during the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic, either by company mandate or through chosen social distancing. We’re all dealing with a “new normal” that ca

7 Communication Tips for Working Remotely When You Usually Don’t

Looking for research? View PayScale’s Research and Strategy Guide on How to Set Pay for Remote Workers In an effort to limit the spread of the coronavirus as much as possible, many companies are asking — or mandating — that employees work f

31 Pi Day Inspirational Quotes From Mathematicians, Physicists and Scientists

Over 30 years ago, physicist Larry Shaw celebrated the first Pi Day on March 14. The date, 3.14, was meant to signify the first three digits of pi, the ratio of a circle’s circumference to its diameter. In a bit of serendipity, March 14...

Coronavirus Jobs: These 6 Occupations Are on the Front Lines

As the novel coronavirus spreads, workers across the globe are scrambling to treat the infected, counsel the quarantined, uncover the virus’ mutations and predict its spread. Coronavirus jobs range from behind the scenes (laboratories and offices) to the fro

How Companies Reward Top-Performing Employees

The typical raise is still hovering around 3 percent, according to PayScale’s annual Compensation Best Practices Report. But employers are willing to pull out the stops to woo top-performing employees. From November 2019 to January 2020, PayScale gathered re

The 1 Thing That’s Better For Your Career Than Passion, According to Harvard

AnnaMarie Houlis via Fairygodboss You know what they say. “Love what you do, and you’ll never work a day in your life!” “Follow your passions!” “You only live once, so you might as well do what you love!” It’s in

Is Your Boss Lying to You?

Is your boss lying to you? The truth is that managers may lie more than most. In a SimplyHired survey, 37% supervisors admitted to telling “white lies” at least once a week, compared to 30% of associates and 28% of entry-level workers. Further, sup

7 Things You Can Do to Make Your Workplace Better for Women

Unless things change, it will take 208 years before the United States achieves gender parity, according to the World Economic Forum. Women are less represented in government, popular entertainment, board seats and Fortune-500 leadership. Women also earn less t

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