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18 manager types and styles: Who are you?

Learn all about different management styles and their importance to increase compatibility with your employees, lead others, and achieve your goals.

Externship: What it is and how it differs from an internship

Explore the advantages of externships for individuals and businesses alike. Gain valuable career insights, forge connections, and discover new opportunities.

6 best time management techniques for effective leadership

Master time management techniques to boost productivity, prioritize tasks, and lead teams successfully. Essential for managers seeking efficient time utilization.

5 reasons job coaches are in demand right now

Job coach is experiencing 21 percent wage growth. Here are 5 reasons why job coaches are in demand right now.

Thriving in 3rd-shift hours: Tips and strategies for success

Working 3rd-shift hours? Discover pro ways to thrive, maintain energy, and balance your life both on and off the clock.

How to write a powerful recommendation letter

Learn how to write a recommendation letter with our guide. Discover key elements, structure, and tips to make your endorsement impactful and genuine.

Fringe benefits: Everything you need to know

Discover what fringe benefits are and how they can impact your job satisfaction and financial well-being. Learn about common types of fringe benefits and their pros and cons.

How to request a mental health leave of absence from work

Learn how to request a mental health leave of absence from work and prioritize your well-being.

How to answer “what are your salary expectations” in a job interview

Salary negotiation has gotten more complicated, even with the rise of pay transparency. We have three strategies for answering the question "what are your salary expectations" in a job interview, including how to gracefully avoid answering the question completely.

What makes a good boss? How to be a good manager and leader

Do you want to learn how to be a good boss? Here are seven attributes for what makes a boss good and how to develop them in yourself.

How to ask for a raise when you are underpaid

Learn how to determine if you are underpaid—and if so, how to ask for a raise to bring your salary to a fair market rate.

How to Manage Your Time and Prioritize Your Workload

Are you the kind of person who struggles to get a handle on your to-do list? Are you sometimes scared to even start a list because there are too many things to capture? Whether you’re trying to be more efficient, trying to get more done, or trying to find a way to...

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