How Cardata created a compensation framework to support a sustainable growth model with Payscale.

Payfactors was affordable for Cardata and gave us valid data that refreshes more frequently than some of the bigger salary surveys I had worked with in the past. The data is reliable, and I have access to everything I need in one stop — I don’t have to pull data from multiple, different sources into an Excel spreadsheet to calculate the averages. Everything I need is right there.”

-Lindsay Clayborne, CHRP, People Partner

Where Payscale makes an impact

Market Data

Provides comprehensive source for current comp data aligned with location, revenue, job type, and team size at an accessible price

Time Savings

Reduces the time it takes to price a job by 50 percent

Business Growth

Ensures that pay is competitive but within Cardata's means to support sustainable business growth

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Leader how Payscale can help bring modern pay practices, salary data, and compensation management technology to your organization.

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