Hourly Rate for Manufacturing

Manufacturing Median Hourly Rate by Job
National Hourly Rate Data 
Administrative Assistant$15.31  
Office Manager$17.67  
Computer Numerically Controlled (CNC) Operator and Programmer$19.39  
Customer Service Representative (CSR)$16.10  
Maintenance Technician$20.42  
Quality Assurance (QA) / Quality Control (QC) Inspector$16.30  
Human Resources (HR) Generalist$19.46  
Human Resources (HR) Assistant$16.06  
Computer Numerically Controlled (CNC) Machinist$18.12  
Accounts Payable Clerk$15.77  
Production Supervisor$19.30  
Accounts Payable Specialist$18.27  
Accounting Clerk$16.13  
Human Resources (HR) Coordinator$18.32  
Computer Numerically Controlled (CNC) Operator$14.16  
Graphic Designer$17.48  
Executive Assistant$19.69  
Quality Assurance (QA) Technician$17.38  
Maintenance Mechanic$20.51  
Mechanical Engineer$24.35  
Material Handler$13.89  
Forklift Operator$13.64  
Quality Control Inspector$15.45  
Production Operator$14.46  
Quality Control (QC) Technician$16.20  
Accounting Assistant$16.54  
Engineering Technician$20.56  
Machine Set Up Operator$15.09  
Computer Numerically Controlled (CNC) Programmer$23.10  
Accounts Receivable Specialist$18.66  
Staff Accountant$19.68  
Electronics Technician$19.93  
Production Planner, Manufacturing$19.82  
Computer Aided Design (CAD) Drafter$17.56  
Human Resources (HR) Administrator$17.48  
Human Resources (HR) Manager$20.44  
Marketing Coordinator$17.90  
Production Supervisor, Manufacturing$18.83  
Office Administrator$16.50  
Shipping and Receiving Clerk$14.16  
Accounts Receivable Clerk$15.45  
Shipping Clerk$13.69  
Production Scheduler$18.31  
Production Manager, Manufacturing$19.63  
Machinist Set Up Operator$18.04  
Inside Sales Representative$16.31  
Payroll Administrator$19.12  
Production Worker$11.92  
Accounting Specialist$18.24  
Mechanical Designer$21.93  
Purchasing Agent (but not Wholesale, Retail, or Farm Products)$17.10  
Quality Assurance Inspector, Manufacturing$16.59  
Manufacturing Engineer$22.69  
Tool and Die Maker$23.79  
Operations Manager$22.76  
Support Technician, Information Technology (IT)$17.03  
Payroll Specialist$19.85  
Shipping Manager$16.55  
Logistics Coordinator$17.15  
Purchasing Assistant$15.31  
Accounting Manager$23.05  
Computer Aided Design (CAD) Designer$19.86  
Senior Customer Service Representative (CSR)$18.51  
Human Resources (HR) Specialist$19.57  
Press Brake Operator$16.17  
Help Desk Technician$17.22  
Administrative / Office Manager$17.23  
Laser Machine Operator (Metal Fabrication)$15.91  
Document Control Specialist$18.12  
Systems Administrator$22.63  
Shipping & Receiving Lead$16.18  
Warehouse Manager$17.54  
Production Lead, Manufacturing$16.38  
Design Engineer$22.61  
Maintenance Electrician$23.41  
Information Technology (IT) Support Specialist$17.86  
Mechanical Drafter$18.17  
Safety Coordinator$17.19  
Technical Writer$20.19  
Purchasing Manager$18.13  
Production Coordinator, Manufacturing$17.69  
Customer Service Specialist$17.18  
Office Assistant$12.78  
Industrial Electrician$24.91  
Press Operator$14.61  
Tig Welder$17.14  
Maintenance Supervisor$24.07  
Forklift Driver$13.33  
Full Charge Bookkeeper$19.76  
Process Technician$19.22  
Customer Service Manager$18.67  
Quality Manager$20.68  
Production Team leader$17.45  
Warehouse Supervisor$18.03  
Executive Administrative Assistant$19.19  
Manufacturing Worker$13.72  
Information Technology Specialist$19.31  
Information Technology (IT) Manager$22.58  
Project Manager, (Unspecified Type / General)$22.11  
Network Administrator$20.48  
General / Operations Manager$20.40  
Sales Coordinator$17.47  
Project Coordinator, (Unknown Type / General)$18.11  
Manufacturing Technician$18.03  
Warehouse Worker$11.72  
Mig Welder$14.94  
Engineering Intern$15.05  
Inventory Control Specialist$16.97  
Payroll Clerk$16.52  
Marketing Specialist$17.83  
Manual Machinist$19.19  
Desktop Support Technician$18.94  
Warehouse Lead$15.93  
Truck Driver, Heavy / Tractor-Trailer$18.15  
Data Entry Clerk$12.53  
Electrical Engineer$29.04  
Field Service Technician$21.60  
Electrical Technician$22.26  
Machinery Maintenance Mechanic$21.44  
Accounting Associate$17.78  
Software Developer$24.13  
Maintenance Manager$21.73  
Quality Assurance (QA) Specialist$19.07  
Human Resources (HR) Representative$18.09  
Accounts Payable Manager$18.81  
Account Manager$19.43  
Manufacturing Team Leader$17.27  
Plant Manager, Manufacturing$21.10  
Shop Foreman$21.42  
Payroll Coordinator$19.66  
Inventory Control Clerk$14.72  
Purchasing Coordinator$18.10  
Environmental Health & Safety (EHS) Coordinator$19.36  
First-Line Supervisor / Manager of Production and Operating Workers$17.89  
Shipping Coordinator$15.80  
Marketing Assistant$15.82  
Procurement Specialist$17.79  
Shipping and Receiving Manager$16.85  
Warehouse Material Handler$13.81  
Senior Maintenance Technician$22.22  
Shipping & Receiving Supervisor$17.87  
Office Clerk, General$13.42  
Maintenance, Repair and Operations (MRO) Buyer$19.14  
Marketing Manager$21.41  
Customer Service Supervisor$19.67  
Logistics Specialist$17.37  
Project Engineer$24.29  
Senior Accountant$24.08  
Quality Assurance Coordinator$17.88  
Data Analyst$20.28  
Cost Accountant$21.70  
Administrative Coordinator$17.79  
Assembly Line Machine Operator$13.50  
Accounts Payable Coordinator$17.43  
Financial Controller$27.67  
Sr. Administrative Assistant$19.67  
Packaging or Filling Machine Operator / Tender$14.11  
Tool Maker$22.18  
Coordinate Measuring Machine (CMM) Operator and Programmer$18.61  
Process Engineer$21.85  
Computer Aided Design (CAD) Technician$17.48  
Powder Coater$13.35  
Assembly Line Worker, Factory$12.39  
Manufacturing Supervisor$21.62  
Metal Fabricator$16.98  
Sales Administrator$18.50  
Technical Support Specialist$19.60  
Computer / Network Support Technician$20.80  
Delivery Driver$14.74  
Injection Molding Technician$17.10  
Purchasing / Inventory Coordinator$16.32  
Purchasing Clerk$15.56  
Production Technician$17.39  
Coordinate Measuring Machine (CMM) Programmer$21.61  
Sales and Marketing Coordinator$19.16  
Inventory Specialist$15.56  
Project Manager, Manufacturing$21.72  
Industrial Engineer$26.67  
Controls Engineer$28.06  
Test Technician$17.71  
Materials Coordinator$16.89  
Receiving Clerk$13.47  
Electro-Mechanical Technician$22.68  
Warehouse Associate$14.51  
Safety Manager$18.41  
Training Coordinator$18.88  
Team Leader, General$17.71  
Contract Administrator$20.01  
System Administrator, Computer / Network$21.29  
Payroll & Benefits Administrator$19.41  
Welding Inspector (Certified)$22.27  
Maintenance Planner$23.59  
Cutting, Punching, Press Machine Setter / Operator / Tender, Metal and Plastic$13.98  
Human Resources (HR) Associate$17.04  
Industrial Painter$17.20  
Bookkeeping, Accounting, or Auditing Clerk$16.78  
Customer Service Team Leader$20.10  
Junior Accountant$18.86  
Shipping Supervisor$15.93  
Maintenance and Repair Worker, General$16.54  
Accounts Payable (A/P) Administrator$20.26  
Quality Control Manager$22.45  
Financial Analyst$20.11  
Machine Shop Foreman$24.68  
Combo Welder$18.17  
Information Technology (IT) Consultant$53.65  
Senior Quality Assurance (QA) / Quality Control (QC) Inspector$17.79  
Senior Buyer$23.44  
Mechanical Design Engineer$23.43  
Junior Buyer$18.03  
Machine Shop Manager$25.55  
Cost Estimator$20.29  
Credit Analyst$19.69  
Lead Computer Numerically Controlled (CNC) Specialist$23.64  
Heavy Machine Operator$13.13  
Factory Worker$12.39  
Assistant Controller$20.32  
Accounts Receivable Coordinator$17.50  
Quality Assurance (QA) / Quality Control (QC) Engineer$22.04  
Metrology Calibration Technician$19.78  
AutoCAD Designer$21.42  
Quality Assurance Manager$19.82  
Shipping / Receiving / Traffic Clerk$15.30  
Operations Supervisor$20.59  
Accounts Payable Processor$16.26  
Control / Automation Technician$22.73  
Master Electrician$27.71  
Quality Control (QC) Supervisor$20.72  
Purchasing Specialist$19.22  
Human Resources (HR) Director$25.57  
Field Service Engineer$27.53  
Executive Secretary or Administrative Assistant$17.46  
Assembly Line Leader$15.05  
Accounting Coordinator$16.55  
Material Planner$19.04  
Master Scheduler$20.85  
Operations Administrator$18.45  
Electronics Assembler$14.00  
Document Controller$13.77  
Production Associate$14.30  
Inventory Analyst$17.60  
Logistics Manager$18.99  
Senior Graphic Designer$23.36  
Shipper, Receiver, Packer$14.03  
Inventory Clerk$14.71  
Tool Crib Attendant$15.62  
Welder Lead Hand$19.83  
Production Assistant$14.17  
Payroll Manager$19.28  
Customer Service Associate$14.00  
Sales & Marketing Assistant$16.60  
Web Developer$19.23  
Office Coordinator$15.85  
Electrician Journeyman$27.26  
Customer Service Coordinator$16.79  
Mechanical Engineering Intern$15.35  
Quality Control (QC) Specialist$16.98  
Executive Assistant to CEO$23.51  
Inventory Coordinator$15.27  
Operations Team Leader$18.38  
Support Analyst, Information Technology (IT)$18.66  
Collections Specialist$19.67  
Inventory Manager$17.49  
Mold Maker$23.80  
Maintenance Repairer, Industrial$21.78  
Assembly Line Worker$13.44  
Environmental Health & Safety (EHS) Specialist$21.92  
Industrial Mechanic$23.49  
Web Designer$20.21  
Chemical Laboratory Technician$17.34  
Electrical Discharge Machine (EDM) Operator and Programmer$16.95  
Truss Designer$18.45  
Accounts Receivable Manager$19.16  
Chemical Operator$22.58  
Sales Assistant, Inside$15.48  
Structural Metal Fabricator / Fitter$20.61  
Sales Support Specialist$18.32  
Order Processor$14.15  
Documentation Specialist$19.24  
Computer Technician$17.58  
Customer Service Sales Associate$14.24  
Data Entry Specialist$16.00  
Industrial Designer$24.61  
Sales Associate$14.24  
Senior Human Resources (HR) Generalist$23.60  
Prototype Machinist$22.77  
Environmental Health & Safety (EHS) Technician$21.16  
Production Control Clerk$16.90  
Inside Sales Manager$20.03  
Accounts Payable Supervisor$20.50  
Administrative Clerk$14.81  
Quality Assurance Supervisor$20.38  
Plastic Extruder Operator$13.08  
Quality Assurance Auditor$14.59  
Account Coordinator$18.76  
Heavy Equipment Operator$17.00  
Team Lead, Operations$19.30  
Journeyman Machinist$23.82  
Recruiting Coordinator$18.79  
Project Manager, Information Technology (IT)$47.50  
Quality Control Manager, Manufacturing$20.40  
Welder, Cutter, Solderer, or Brazer$15.12  
Assistant Production Manager$16.81  
Business Analyst, IT$33.39  
Help Desk Specialist$17.69  
Software Engineer$22.43  
Surface Mount Technology (SMT) Machine Operator$15.58  
Fleet Dispatcher (Trucking & Transportation)$17.55  
Marketing Associate$18.38  
Computer Aided Design and Drafting (CADD) Operator$18.58  
Business Manager$21.68  
Machine Operator$12.95  
Applications Engineer$26.39  
Quality Assurance (QA) Engineer$22.38  
Benefits Coordinator$17.68  
Welding Technician$17.56  
Supply Chain Coordinator$19.96  
Environmental Health & Safety (EHS) Manager$25.02  
Mechanical Technician$18.77  
Machine Shop Supervisor$23.49  
Assistant Buyer$16.46  
Pipe Welder$22.00  
Security Officer$13.23  
Welding Supervisor$22.49  
Trainer, Employee / Human Resources (HR)$18.00  
Graphic Artist / Designer$18.35  
Sheet Metal Worker$15.00  
Warehouse Clerk$13.18  
Quality Assurance Supervisor, Manufacturing$18.62  
Billing Clerk$14.49  
Senior Drafter$21.85  
Billing Specialist$17.59  
Instrumentation & Controls (I&C) Technician$25.60  
Manufacturing Manager$25.25  
Network Engineer$24.72  
HVAC Technician$18.00  
Computer Aided Design (CAD) Operator$20.51  
Accounting Supervisor$22.43  
Quality Assurance (QA) Associate$18.89  
Account Payable Associate$16.90  
Assembly Supervisor$18.21  
Machine Builder$17.78  
Clerical Assistant$12.50  
Business Analyst (Unspecified Type)$18.99  
Credit Manager$18.81  
Chief Financial Officer (CFO)$29.83  
SAP Consultant$77.28  
Inside Sales Associate$17.54  
Network Administrator, IT$21.68  
Research & Development (R&D) Technician$20.76  
Research and Development (R&D) Lab Technician$17.45  
Benefits Administrator$20.00  
Manufacturing Associate$19.88  
Warehouse Team Leader$14.76  
Inventory Controller$15.39  
Computer Numerically Controlled Operator and Programmer$20.29  
Production Controller$18.39  
Production Machinist$15.26  
Warehouse Laborer$12.21  
Marketing Director$19.00  
Database Administrator (DBA)$20.00  
Inventory Control Manager$16.34  
Screen Printer$13.00  
Industrial Machinery Mechanic$22.99  
Senior Mechanical Designer$26.45  
ISO Coordinator$16.64  
Facilities Technician$18.92  
Order Processor/Sales Coordinator$16.74  
Inventory Control Supervisor$18.79  
HVAC Service Technician$27.20  
Benefits Specialist$22.49  
Business Office Manager$17.99  
Equipment Operator$14.92  
Sales Engineer$22.57  
Computer Programmer$17.74  
Digital Press Operator$18.00  
Accounts Receivable Analyst$18.49  
Senior Engineering Technician$25.89  
Truck Driver, Light Or Delivery Services$15.85  
Mechanical Engineering Technician$24.49  
Inside Sales Specialist$19.20  
Screw Machine Operator$15.96  
Corporate Controller$32.50  
Administration Assistant$14.48  
Building Maintenance Worker$16.72  
Computer Aided Design and Drafting (CADD) Technician$18.78  
Warehouse Coordinator$14.87  
Pattern Maker$16.30  
Application Developer$23.90  
Cost Analyst$19.48  
Maintenance Coordinator$18.25  
Help Desk Analyst$17.95  
Cabinet Maker$18.12  
Supply Chain Planner$19.77  
Front Desk Receptionist$13.00  
Automation Engineer$27.03  
Project Manager, Engineering$24.99  
Production Foreman$19.45  
Computer Aided Design (CAD) Manager$22.33  
Inventory / Purchasing Manager$18.00  
Drafter Design$18.89  
Product Designer$17.66  
Electromechanical Equipment Assembler$14.93  
Compliance Specialist$19.05  
Computer Aided Design (CAD) Engineer$22.18  
Facilities / Maintenance Supervisor$23.24  
Computer-Aided Design Computer-Aided Manufacturing (CAD CAM) Programmer$20.08  
Turret Punch Press Operator$16.00  
Lab Technologist$15.00  
Occupational Health Nurse$31.98  
Purchasing Supervisor$23.97  
Batch Mixer$15.00  
Sr. Software Engineer / Developer / Programmer$55.00  
Shipping and Receiving Assistant$13.45  
Precision Grinder$19.21  
Procurement Agent$19.19  
Human Resources (HR) Intern$13.11  
Warranty Administrator$19.40  
Graphic Artist$18.50  
Materials Specialist$18.13  
Software Programmer$18.01  
Automation Engineering Technician$18.33  
Electronics Engineering Technician$21.89  
Parts Manager$17.79  
Crew Leader$19.43  
Supply Chain Analyst$19.77  
Production Clerk$15.17  
Sales Analyst$21.90  
Accounts Receivable / Credit Manager$18.33  
General Foreman, Manufacturing Production$20.56  
Director of Operations$21.50  
Supply Chain Specialist$19.92  
Quality Control (QC) Chemist$19.10  
Service Coordinator$17.56  
Supply Chain Manager$21.50  
Entry Level Manufacturing Technician, Maintenance$15.57  
Payroll Assistant$16.70  
Receptionist / Telephone Operator$14.20  
Materials Manager / Coordinator$22.08  
Production Artist$15.95  
Systems Analyst$21.25  
Production Specialist$14.55  
Continuous Improvement Manager$24.01  
Marketing Communications Coordinator$16.79  
Maintenance Machinist$21.75  
Sheet Metal Mechanic$20.49  
Accounting Administrator$17.49  
Payroll & Benefits Administrative Assistant$15.70  
Sales Estimator$18.65  
Administrative Support Specialist$17.00  
Engineer Technician$19.10  
Lathe, Turning Machine Tool Setter / Operator / Tender, Metal and Plastic$13.58  
Sales Support Associate$15.86  
Diesel Mechanic$19.48  
Account Specialist$17.33  
Quality Assurance Analyst$20.40  
Accounts Payable Analyst$21.39  
Marketing Communications Specialist$22.74  
Business Administrator$17.71  
Heavy Equipment Mechanic$19.00  
Technical Trainer$16.75  
Multiple Machine Tool Setter / Operator / Tender, Metal and Plastic$14.85  
ERP Consultant$75.00  
Logistics Analyst$18.51  
Chemical Process Operator$15.44  
SalesForce.com Administrator$19.65  
Payroll & Benefits Coordinator$20.72  
.NET Software Developer / Programmer$20.00  
Receiving Manager$15.44  
Customer Support Representative$17.56  
Security Guard$10.56  
Personal Assistant$16.00  
Sales Operations Coordinator$19.76  
Senior Executive Assistant$30.00  
Printing Machine Operator$14.00  
Parts Specialist$18.03  
Truck Driver, Medium$15.71  
Senior Computer Aided Design (CAD) Designer$24.13  
Account Manager Sales$22.11  
Senior Systems Administrator$32.00  
Event Coordinator$18.28  
Production/Manufacturing Technician$16.26  
Safety Director$16.00  
General Accountant$22.50  
Talent Acquisition Specialist$17.90  
Accounts Receivable Lead$18.62  
Accounting Intern$15.26  
Account Executive$16.28  
Purchasing Agent / Buyer, Farm Products$17.57  
Maintenance Engineer$21.00  
Software Engineer / Developer / Programmer$21.97  
Assistant Manager, Customer Service$16.56  
3d Artist$20.25  
Assistant Human Resources (HR) Manager$14.83  
Facilities Coordinator$19.29  
Bookkeeper, Payroll$18.14  
Prepress Technician or Worker$15.74  
Information Technology (IT) Coordinator$20.96  
Information Technology (IT) Intern$13.48  
Senior Project Manager, IT$75.99  
Art Director$20.50  
Assistant Plant Manager/Operations$19.18  
Information Technology (IT) Assistant$15.98  
Sales Administration Assistant$18.10  
Plant Technician$20.27  
Bilingual Customer Service Representative$17.43  
Graphic Design Specialist$21.41  
Assistant Manager, Quality Control$14.64  
Construction Estimator$16.82  
Crane Operator$14.34  
Administrative Supervisor$21.01  
Coating, Painting, and Spraying Machine Setter, Operator / Tender$15.12  
Sales and Marketing Manager$16.90  
Manufacturing Process Engineer$23.50  
Machine Assembler$21.50  
Technical Support Technician$17.18  
Logistics Supervisor$20.02  
Desktop Support Specialist$24.49  
Senior Business Analyst$67.41  
Payroll Accountant$15.63  
Spot Welder$13.58  
Internal Auditor$17.80  
Mechanical Inspector$20.59  
Information Technology (IT) Director$25.13  
Materials Manager$19.58  
Traffic Coordinator$15.80  
Aircraft and Powerplant (A&P) Mechanic$21.49  
Sales Support Representative$17.54  
Scheduling Coordinator$16.63  
Shipping Packer$12.35  
Sewing Machine Operator$10.48  
Robotics Engineer$25.76  
Desktop Support Analyst$20.94  
Entry-level Staff Accountant$15.17  
Front End Loader Operator$14.41  
Molding Machine Injection Operator$11.19  
Assistant Operations Manager$18.09  
Certified Public Accountant (CPA)$25.00  
Accounts Receivable Processor$16.33  
Business Consultant$85.00  
Assembler, Special Machines$15.91  
Multimedia Designer$16.06  
Technical Support Representative$16.45  
Executive Administrator$19.38  
Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) Specialist$20.75  
Project Assistant$17.50  
Senior Programmer Analyst$44.00  
AutoCAD Operator$17.60  
Document Control Coordinator$17.50  
Electrical Supervisor$20.99  
Health and Safety Coordinator$17.04  
Account Representative$17.00  
Machine Operator Helper$14.13  
Operations Analyst$15.72  
Systems Engineer (Computer Networking / IT)$34.39  
Machine Shop Tool & Die$24.71  
Business Systems Analyst$32.00  
Operations Technician$20.66  
Engineering Technician, Electrical$24.50  
International Logistics Coordinator$18.50  
Industrial Engineering Technician$16.07  
Coordinate Measuring Machine (CMM) Operator$15.13  
Metal Fabricator Assembler$16.95  
Communications Specialist$22.08  
Instrument and Electrical Technician$25.96  
Reporting Analyst$20.29  
Lead Operator Operations$20.00  
Junior Graphic Designer$17.58  
Grinder Setup Operator$16.90  
System Support Specialist$20.00  
Payroll Supervisor$27.09  
Composite Technician$15.64  
Operations Support Specialist$15.75  
Plant Supervisor$19.76  
Facility Manager$23.88  
Welding Inspector$20.00  
Administration Clerk$13.97  
Business Development Manager$20.00  
Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) Coordinator$19.19  
Assembly Operator$13.97  
Customer Service Assistant$13.02  
Logistics Assistant$13.87  
Warehouse Assistant$13.55  
Training Specialist$19.09  
Mailroom Clerk$12.14  
Network Analyst$28.84  
Senior Accounting Clerk$20.15  
Purchasing Analyst$19.95  
Accounting Technician$16.15  
Spray Painter$16.00  
Architectural Draftsman$16.81  
Inside Sales Coordinator$20.49  
Senior Technical Writer$29.00  
Shop Laborer$11.66  
Quality Control Analyst$18.12  
Traffic Manager$20.77  
Administrative Secretary$15.25  
Facilities Manager$26.83  
Quality Control (QC) Associate$15.69  
Accounts Receivable Supervisor$19.74  
Punch Press Operator$14.75  
Materials Supervisor$19.90  
Maintenance Clerk$14.13  
Programmer Analyst$38.00  
Vice President (VP), General Manager$21.30  
Production Estimator$23.75  
Management Consultant$75.00  
Soldering Technician$12.50  
Computer Support Technician$17.62  
Safety Officer$14.90  
Finance Manager$23.54  
Safety Supervisor$20.49  
General Sales Manager$20.49  
Manufacturing Engineering Manager$29.43  
Social Media Manager$17.50  
Production Control Supervisor$18.93  
Production Control Manager$17.99  
Quality Engineer, Metal Machining$21.50  
Environmental Health & Safety (EHS) Assistant$14.42  
Boiler Operator$19.77  
Tooling Engineer$20.44  
Forklift Mechanic$18.22  
Training & Development Specialist$18.72  
Inventory Control Analyst$22.47  
Electrical Designer$28.06  
Warehouse Shift Supervisor$17.00  
Environmental Technician$21.83  
Senior Mechanical Engineer$33.50  
Injection Molder$15.49  
Transportation Coordinator$16.80  
Senior SAP Consultant$110  
Technical Support Engineer$19.75  
Electronic Prepress Operator$19.08  
Accounts Administrator$17.96  
Document Control Manager$23.25  
Senior Network Administrator, IT$32.81  
Automotive Service Technician / Mechanic$22.00  
Bill / Account Collector$16.00  
Assistant Office Manager$16.04  
Design Manager$20.96  
Procurement Manager$24.66  
Apprentice Electrician$15.00  
Customer Service Agent$16.59  
Fabricator Assembler$14.70  
Sharepoint Administrator$24.18  
Product Support Specialist$22.19  
Human Resources (HR) Clerk$14.51  
Consultant, Human Resources (HR)$59.92  
Cutter Operator$14.70  
Administrative Manager$19.25  
Operations Coordinator, Logistics$16.45  
Inventory Supervisor$17.74  
Logistics Clerk$15.50  
Research Laboratory Technician$17.63  
Human Resources Information Systems Analyst (HRIS)$22.13  
Database Analyst/Programmer$19.90  
Payroll & Benefits Specialist$18.00  
Analytical Chemist$18.52  
Corporate Paralegal$28.84  
Contract Specialist$20.72  
Lead Manufacturing Technician$19.56  
System Administrator, Windows Server$27.50  
Network / System Administrator, General Office$19.60  
Credit / Collections Manager$20.00  
Test Engineer$24.09  
Product Specialist, (Unspecified Type)$19.05  
Credit / Collections Officer$19.97  
Payroll Analyst$20.52  
Help Desk Administrator$23.24  
Electrical Apprentice$15.19  
Senior Technical Support Analyst$30.88  
Business Process / Management Consultant$75.00  
Project Coordinator, Information Technology (IT)$33.84  
Production Engineer$24.50  
General Ledger Accountant$23.94  
Collections Clerk$13.00  
Junior Systems Administrator$19.52  
Operations Coordinator (Unspecified Type)$13.52  
Sales Specialist$16.00  
Control Systems Engineer$33.00  
Service Manager (General)$22.03  
Senior Customer Service Lead$20.01  
Business Intelligence (BI) Analyst$25.00  
Return Material Authorization (RMA) Specialist$16.92  
Document Control Supervisor$18.72  
ISO Lead Auditor$18.43  
Lean Facilitator$14.00  
Digital Media Specialist$18.00  
Floor Supervisor$13.50  
Outside Sales Representative$18.89  
Administrative Specialist$15.00  
Customer Support Specialist$15.72  
Systems Engineer, IT$24.00  
Customer Service Administrator$15.00  
Licensed Practical Nurse (LPN)$17.66  
Business Development Director$30.00  
Process Improvement Manager$22.98  
Production Planning Manager$17.00  
Registered Nurse (RN)$29.28  
Senior Manufacturing Technician$23.89  
Crystal Reports Developer$23.00  
Billing Administrator$16.97  
Surface Mount Technology (SMT) Process Engineering Technician$16.50  
Information Technology (IT) Supervisor$20.11  
Senior Financial Analyst$30.00  
Product Engineer$23.93  
Front Office Coordinator$13.94  
Marketing Communications Manager$23.75  
Quality Assurance (QA) Director$19.39  
Java Developer$21.50  
Senior Sales Associate$18.39  
Maintenance Worker$16.00  
Business Operations Manager$20.25  
Cabinet Installer$22.00  
Project Specialist$24.57  
Graphic Design Manager$25.00  
Senior Mechanical Design Engineer$37.55  
Junior Mechanical Engineer$20.00  
Associate Buyer$16.06  
Graphic Designer, Web$15.55  
Inventory Planner$17.00  
Route Driver$15.50  
Product Development Manager$19.25  
Assistant Accountant$18.67  
Financial Controller, Industrial Plant$25.00  
Waste Water Plant Operator$19.71  
Painter Automotive$15.38  
Paint Technician$17.97  
Overhead Crane Operator$14.54  
Cabinetmaker, Bench Carpenter$21.00  
Design Engineering Manager$26.04  
Tool and Die Shop Foreman$28.85  
Control Room Operator$20.06  
Metallurgical Technician$20.67  
Cost Accounting Clerk$18.00  
Maintenance Scheduler$17.72  
Packer / Packager, Hand$12.92  
Applications Programmer$21.99  
Die Cutter$17.43  
Sales Representative, Wholesale and Manufacturing, (but not Technical and Scientific Products)$17.00  
Die Stamping Press Operator$14.02  
Administrative Associate$15.26  
Lathe Operator Numerical Control$18.00  
Invoice Clerk$13.02  
Chemical Engineer$38.00  
Drafting Supervisor$25.01  
Heat Treater$17.30  
Finance & Administration Manager$27.00  
Truck Driver Heavy$16.22  
Bindery Operator$13.00  
Environmental Coordinator$22.00  
Print Press Operator$21.31  
Sanitation Worker$11.79  
Slitting Machine Operator$15.57  
PC Maintenance Technician$18.61  
Environmental Specialist$18.00  
Social Media Marketing Manager$13.70  
Assistant To The Vice President$20.22  
Computer Support Specialist$14.68  
Industrial Electronics Technician$21.90  
Machine Shop Lead Person$20.12  
Vice President (VP), Operations$25.49  
Supplier Quality Engineer (SQE)$22.00  
Business Process Analyst$18.57  
Product Development Coordinator$18.33  
Network Technician$17.38  
Department Administrator$21.01  
Web Programmer$23.98  
Media Manager$16.00  
Certified Pharmacy Technician (CPHT)$16.48  
Laborer, Freight, Stock, Material Mover, Hand$12.85  
Corporate Trainer$17.00  
Plant Maintenance Manager$15.48  
Production Superintendent$24.49  
Service Desk Analyst$20.23  
Stock Clerk$16.48  
Production Manager, Print$21.05  
Sheet Metal Supervisor$23.50  
Social Media Coordinator$12.75  
Computer Technical Support Specialist$18.67  
Security Supervisor$14.36  
HVAC Mechanic$17.15  
Pricing Analyst$20.00  
Import Specialist$16.23  
Fashion Designer$27.00  
Pricing Coordinator$19.65  
Technical Designer, Apparel$16.25  
Service Engineer$30.55  
Tailor, Dressmaker, or Custom Sewer$11.50  
Laser Beam Machine Operator$10.48  
Billing Coordinator$19.00  
Production Analyst$17.49  
Marketing Intern$14.00  
Production Assistant, Manufacturing$12.75  
Janitor or Cleaner (but not Maid or Housekeeping Cleaner)$13.82  
Material Controller$18.84  
Distribution Center Manager$18.50  
Robot Technician$18.60  
Preventive Maintenance Coordinator$27.75  
Manufacturing Technician, Electronics$22.60  
Security Analyst$24.49  
Project Engineer, Manufacturing$28.56  
Workers' Compensation Administrator$20.56  
Digital Marketing Manager$19.25  
Welding Machine Operator$11.47  
Personnel Manager$14.25  
Senior Estimator$24.50  
Accounting Analyst$17.50  
Junior Software Engineer$18.00  
Computer Operator$16.88  
Information Security Analyst$40.50  
Bookkeeping Manager$20.95  
Staffing Specialist$15.25  
Autocad Technician$18.00  
Client Services Representative$14.98  
Business Development Specialist$19.06  
Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) Developer$21.00  
Master Plumber$26.48  
Printing Supervisor$20.24  
Senior Account Manager$18.40  
Administrative Support Assistant (ASA)$14.48  
Helper--Production Worker$11.36  
Avionics Technician$29.96  
Product Development Engineer$29.63  
Test / Quality Assurance (QA) Engineer (Computer Software)$25.50  
Sales Consultant$30.00  
Procurement Analyst$23.73  
Program Project Manager$19.53  
Technical Support Analyst$23.52  
Electrical / Electronics Repairer, Commercial and Industrial Equipment$21.95  
Molding Machine Operator$12.25  
Steel Detailer$22.50  
National Sales Manager$21.00  
Database Developer$22.00  
Digital Strategist$16.38  
Project Manager, Operations$23.38  
Marketing Communications Associate$19.07  
Senior Account Clerk$17.49  
Senior Systems Analyst$52.24  
Robotics Technician$18.00  
Software Tester$29.50  
Buyer, Technical Products$28.75  
File Clerk$10.50  
Executive Secretary$18.00  
Facilities Engineer$22.25  
Electronics Tester$12.28  
Corporate Recruiter$31.00  
Legal Assistant$22.10  
Civil Engineer$26.68  
Laboratory Manager$21.22  
Food Technologist$18.74  
Senior Field Engineer$27.90  
Sr. Network Engineer$51.00  
Process Improvement Engineer$18.81  
Compliance Coordinator$19.00  
Front End Developer / Engineer$22.50  
Customer Sales Representative (CSR)$16.48  
Project Engineer, Metal Fabrication$24.77  
Estimator, Construction$22.00  
Financial Assistant$19.50  
Team Leader, IT$17.96  
Mechanical Engineering Technologist$19.00  
Tool Designer, Industrial$24.00  
Fabricating Machine Operator$13.25  
Assistant to the President$14.55  
Fixed Asset Accountant$21.32  
Furnace Operator$16.50  
Computer Repair Technician$15.35  
Field Service Supervisor$25.49  
Ammonia Refrigeration Technician$26.92  
Marketing Consultant$25.00  
Instructional Designer$40.63  
Project Manager, Marketing$22.60  
Art Department Supervisor$19.44  
Extruding, Forming, Pressing, Compacting Machine Setter / Operator / Tender$14.61  
Order Selector$14.30  
Sr. Human Resources (HR) Manager$45.00  
Help Desk Analyst (Computer)$20.00  
Senior Professional Service Consultant$75.00  
Data Management Specialist$19.00  
Sales Operations Manager$21.00  
Etcher, Engraver$17.85  
Grinding, Lapping, Polishing, Buffing Machine Tool Setter / Operator / Tender, Metal and Plastic$13.00  
SAP Data Analyst$23.24  
Control / Automation Engineer$38.00  
Mechanical Engineering Manager$31.00  
Medical Assistant$12.00  
General Maintenance Worker$19.24  
Finance Administrator$22.25  
Financial Analyst, Corporate$32.93  
Project Manager, Construction$24.30  
Fleet Manager$18.31  
Customer Relations Manager (CRM)$20.00  
Sales and Marketing Analyst$21.57  
Manager of Accounting & Financial Reporting$17.00  
Product Marketing Specialist$18.70  
Production Expediter$18.18  
Junior Business Analyst (Unspecified Type)$25.00  
Human Resources Assistant (except Payroll and Timekeeping)$17.33  
Senior Systems Engineer (Computer Networking / IT)$44.83  
Assembly Line Mechanic$17.41  
Machine Shop Supervisor, Production$20.00  
Staffing Coordinator$11.98  
Office Support Specialist$19.95  
Documentation Manager$13.23  
Customer Relationship Management (CRM) Administrator$18.00  
Procurement Clerk$16.00  
Telecommunications Specialist$33.60  
Commercial Truck Driver$16.50  
Journeyman Welder$24.00  
Performance Improvement Specialist$20.60  
Communications Coordinator$19.44  
Facility Security Officer (FSO)$16.44  
System Administrator, Server$27.00  
Construction Foreman$30.00  
Power Shear Operator$14.25  
Assembly Associate$11.79  
Yard Foreman$14.50  
Senior .NET Developer / Programmer$45.00  
Utility Worker Mfd. Bldgs.$14.00  
Data Administrator$15.00  
Painting Supervisor$18.50  
Technical Editor$24.93  
Front Desk Coordinator$15.93  
Associate Accountant$19.83  
Technical Project Manager$30.00  
Pricing Specialist$19.63  
Marketing & Business Development Manager$29.91  
Credit Administrator$20.40  
Human Resources Information Systems (HRIS) Coordinator$23.87  
Administrator Assistant$17.00  
Plant Engineer$23.97  
Territory Sales Representative$18.63  
SAP Project Manager$60.00  
Compliance Officer$22.50  
Payroll Processor$18.00  
Order Processing Supervisor$17.30  
Designer, Kitchen$17.75  
Engineering Administrator$16.21  
Electronic Calibration Technician$20.50  
Quality Engineer, Medical Devices$30.00  
Dispatcher (but not Police, Fire, or Ambulance)$20.00  
Business Development Associate$15.04  
Training Supervisor$18.31  
Compliance Administrator$16.96  
Marketing Analyst$18.00  
Country: United States | Currency: USD | Updated: 17 Mar 2018 | Individuals Reporting: 28,930

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