Where HR Analytics Makes a Difference


Where HR Analytics Makes a Difference

With the data and analytical systems available today, HR can have a bigger positive impact on critical business issues than ever before. HR analytics can help organizations reap benefits across a number of domains, from hiring the right people to onboarding effectively to reducing attrition of high-value employees.

Yet even though HR departments are generating more data than ever before, they often struggle to turn their data into valuable insights. Recent research from BambooHR found that while 58 percent of HR professionals believe HR analytics are very important, only 16 percent viewed themselves as an expert in using HR data.

This ebook is for the other 84 percent of HR professionals: those who need a starting point for delivering actionable, data-based insights to their organizations. Download this ebook to learn how you can become proficient in using data to drive change in every area that matters.

You will learn:

  • The key areas where people analytics can make a big difference
  • Strategies for gathering and interpreting employee satisfaction data, including eNPS surveys
  • Key compensation metrics to monitor, to ensure that your comp plan is on track to meet your recruiting and retention goals
  • How to accurately gauge employee performance and promote better performance

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