HR Certifications: How They Impact Pay and Career Trajectory

2018 U.S. Edition

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In the HR profession, getting an HR certification is generally seen as a good way for HR pros to learn new skills and competencies, earn more and move up in their careers. But just how much value do these certifications hold? Which certifications are most desirable in 2018?

To find out, PayScale collected salary and demographic information from over 102,000 respondents who completed our online salary survey. These respondents have HR job titles and 34 percent reported that they have at least one HR certification. We analyzed the impact of various HR certifications on compensation and career trajectory for HR professionals in the U.S. For the study, we evaluated ten distinct HR certifications from four HR membership organizations, including HRCI, SHRM, World at Work, and iPEC.

Download this report to learn:

  • Which HR certifications are most prevalent in 2018
  • The impact of each HR certification on pay
  • How HR certifications are gaining value over time
  • How HR certification impact one’s career trajectory
  • The value of HR certifications by job levels, geographies, and industries