Why Your Employees Are Quitting (And What to Do About It)

Webinar Recording

Why Your employees are quitting

PayScale recently conducted new research to understand the factors that push employees to quit and the factors that pull them to join new organizations. It turns out that the number one reason people leave their current organizations is to earn more money. Yet, money by itself is not enough of a draw for employees to join a new organization.

This webinar will share new research findings around employee attrition and address the four elements every organization needs to get right to build and retain the right team, including compensation, meaningful work, recognition and community.

Join Stacey Klimek, VP of People, Jacqueline Vonk, Manager of Employee Experience and Wendy Brown, Director of Content Marketing at PayScale as they share their perspectives on how to get each of these elements right. Attendees will walk away with insights and actions around:

  • How to use compensation to motivate performance
  • How to help employees to feel more connected to the mission of your company
  • How to use recognition to boost engagement
  • How to cultivate a sense of community at work